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  • Control & General Valves

    Rotary, Sanitary, Sliding Stem
    Gate, Globe, Plug, Butterfly, Check and etc

    Model 1
  • Pressure, Temp., Level Gauges

    Digital, Bourdon Tube, Differential, Vacuum

    Model 2
  • Pressure, Temp., Level & Flow Transmitters

    With Display, Differential, Ceramic Pressure Sensor

    Model 3
  • Electrical Control Systems & Devices

    DCS, PLC, Fieldbus, Fuses, Relays, contactors

    Model 1
  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3
  • Model 6
Welcome to the Azmoon Ati Fan website
Azmoon Ati Fan company with over nine years experience in Procuring of instrumentation, industrial automation and laboratory equipment (related to oil, gas, petrochemical, cement and automobile industries) is always ready to serve the nation industry. Over these years, we strive for expanding our field of work and the types of equipment that used in mentioned industries. Therefore, We have developed our cooperation with American and European Companies and Currently we’re capable of providing various equipment from different Brands such as:
ABB, Rosemount, Fisher, Foxboro, Yokogawa and ... .